SWOTL and TFH:BOB Utilities, etc.

Last updated on 3 February 2007
(Background photo: Restoring a P-47 at Duxford England, by Richard Muth)

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Name Size Date Description and author, if known
AIRWARID.ZIP 117,860  12-26-93  Icons of WWII Unit Badges by J. Gottlieb 
BOBEDIT.ZIP 13,531  07-09-90  Pilot editor for TFH:BOB by Scott Jarik (?) 
Keyboard listing and original READ.ME file for TFH:BOB (See also KEYBOARD.TXT)
BOBPACTV.ZIP 15,819  08-26-90  Revive lost pilots in TFH:BOB 
BOMB-TUT.ZIP 8,107 08-12-94 Tutorial on Bombing, with some B-17s, by Steven Ames
Campaign mode score sheet, by Frank McKenna. In MSWord & Acrobat formats
EDGE_LUC.ZIP 123,049  03-17-93  The Pilot's Edge (for LucasArts sims) TSR for using multi-function joysticks with LA flight sims, by Dwight Ennis, who has just released it to us as FREEWARE!
FIX1B.ZIP 2,382  06-20-92  BAT files for reviving pilots 
HEX-EDIT.ZIP 41,724  02-25-94  Hex editing program for altering binary files, by Duval-Soft 
HEXWPNS.ZIP 1,871  08-01-92  Listing of strings for hexediting weapons 
JG_ICONS.ZIP 14,905  01-22-97  46 Windows icons of Luftwaffe unit insignia, by Keith Heitmann 
JGTILES.ZIP 16,237  12-16-92 Luftwaffe unit insignia as DOS Mah Jongg tiles, by Keith Heitmann 
KEYBOARD.TXT 11,172  07-11-97  Keyboard listing and original READ.ME file for SWOTL (See also BOBKEYS.TXT) 
MAP_UTIL.ZIP 44,170  07-20-92  Target map utility for advanced Hexers, by A. Shimizu 
MANUAL.ZIP 116,382 01-01-98 115 page Text Manual (from CD-ROM version) and READ.ME updates. NOTE: Very little instructions here, get KEYBOARD.TXT for more info.
MOSLO12.ZIP 3,940  01-30-93  Mo'Slo slows the speed of your computer from 1-99% of normal, by David Perrell
MOSLO131.EXE 42,998  09-23-97  Mo'Slo slows the speed of your computer from 1-99% of normal, by David Perrell
PILOT.ZIP 38,920  05-15-92  Prints info from pilot records, by David Mitchell 
PILOT13.ZIP 14,571  04-02-90  Pilot editor for TFH:BOB by Bill Robriguez 
PILOTS.ZIP 7,684  04-01-92  25 USAAF and 22 Luftwaffe pilots for use as wingmen 
PILOTSR.ZIP 27,538  01-01-94  TSR for SWOTL & TFH:BOB pilots by Steve "Auger" Edwards
PROMOTE.ZIP 1,215  09-07-91  BAT files to change pilot's rank, by Keith Heitmann 
PROSTICK.ZIP 79,661  02/05/95  Version 2.1 of a TSR for using multi-function joysticks with older games, by Atlantis Software. This full version was  released as freeware in 1998.
PURPLE.ZIP 19,334  03-31-93  Awards Purple Heart to pilots via listing, by Greg "Sturmer" Smith 
PURPLEHT.ZIP 1,241  07-05-92  BAT to award Purple Heart to a pilot, by Greg "Sturmer" Smith
RADAR.ZIP 16,264  01-03-92  Simulates Radar info in Map view, by Greg "Sturmer" Smith
SCORE.ZIP 1,228  09-08-93  BAT files to alter pilot's score, by Keith Heitmann 
SM200.ZIP 12,268  09-01-92  SMANAGE2 add-on works with 200 planes, by Anthony Shimizu 
SMANAGE2.ZIP 27,833  06-15-92  The SWOTL utility, by Anthony Shimizu 
SPCTXT3.ZIP 4,913  10-04-93  Text listing all Hex addresses 
SPM40A.ZIP 327,229  10-05-93  Windows based Aircraft editing program by Glenn Price 
STACKEY.ZIP 118,764  08-30-93  DOS TSR for making keyboard "macros", by CTRLALT Associates
STATS.ZIP 2,455  05-06-94  Prints info from aircraft SPC files, by Sean 'Outatime' Leasure 
SW-CW1&2.ZIP 30,589  10-08-93  2 SWOTL crossword puzzles by K. Heitmann 
SW-TEXT.ZIP 78,178  07-10-94  Many notes about SWOTL, hexing, etc., mostly from The SWOTL Group 
SW-UTIL.ZIP 59,764  06-15-92  Utils, with "TOD Center", from Anthony Shimizu 
SWCAMP.ZIP 70,575  06-18-94  Info on winning SWOTL campaigns by Charles Geary 
SWG-LOGO.ZIP 3,146  08-23-92  "SWOTL Group" Logo by A. Shimizu 
SWOTL_ED.ZIP 171,161  12-16-92  Windows based SWOTL pilot editor, by Bristol Software 
SWOTLADV.ZIP 1,488  02-04-95  Thrustmaster WCS MkII file for SWOTL 
SWOTLIVE.ZIP 36,544  04-13-93  Pilot restoration utility 
SWOTLMAP.ZIP 2,104  09-25-93  Text info on hex editing map files, by Greg "Sturmer" Smith
SWPIFA.ZIP 4,118  01-10-92  Listing of byte locations for hex editing pilot files 
SWPILOT.ZIP 4,395  01-01-94  15 Luftwaffe and 5 USAAF pilots from Mark Miskiewicz 
SWPREP.ZIP 2,016  11-14-92  Helper for installing Mods, by Mark Clement 
SWUPG.ZIP 311,226  02-26-92  Upgrade to version 2.1 of SWOTL, from LucasArts 
SWUTIL12.ZIP 18,802  06-28-95  Misc. SWOTL utilities by Derek Schmid 
TUTHEX.ZIP 15,408  08-15-92  The tutorial on Hex Editing by Greg "Sturmer" Smith
WS20.ZIP 68,261  10-24-93  Windows "Wing Swapper" for editing planes, by Glen Price

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