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Last updated on 16 February 2002
(Background photo: "Black 6" at Duxford England, by Richard Muth)
NOTE: These Modules require SWOTL version 2.1 so if you have a lesser version you will need to upgrade (see info below about the upgrade patch), or if you have version 2.2 (the ACC version) you need the correct patch.
Instructions on the installation and use of these files can be found within each archive. Some "generic" information can be found in the SWOTL FAQ, as well as in the MOD-INFO.TXT file listed below.
Name Size Date Description and author
AFRIKA12.ZIP 588,821 05-23-93 North Africa Module by Greg "Sturmer" Smith (This is the mod that started it all!)
JSWOTL.ZIP 150,460 11-11-92 Jet SWOTL by Greg "Sturmer" Smith
RUSSIA20.ZIP 381,103 10-22-93 Russian Front Module by Greg "Sturmer" Smith
SW1940-2.ZIP 270,865 01-14-93 "Battle of Britain" Module by Brett Elliott
SW1946.ZIP 202,600 02-21-93 "What if the war went on..." scenario by Ken Braatz
SWOTL-LS.ZIP 1,324,37 01-30-94 "Lucky Strikes" interactive story by Anthony Shimizu. This is the mod that everyone talks about. Ya gotta try it!
SWOTN12.ZIP 674,540 08-19-92 Secret Weapons of the Nachtjagdkorps (Nightfighters) by Tom Dungan
SWOTN2.ZIP 355,102 08-05-93 SWOTN12 enhancements by Greg "Sturmer" Smith (Requires SWOTN12.ZIP)
SWOTP.ZIP 315,374 02-24-93 Incomplete "Pacific Theater" module by Eric Jimerson
SWUSA-2.ZIP 499,666 11-24-93 Secret Weapons of the USA by Marcus Harris, based on work done by Erik L. Novales
BOBPAC.ZIP 145,068 09-11-99 TFH:BOB aircraft graphics files needed for some Mods
MOD-INFO.TXT 3,387 08-30-97 Text file with info about Mods & their use, by Richard Muth
NA&R_BAT.ZIP 6,935 07-20-94 Improved install files for AFRIKA & RUSSIA, by Richard Muth
SWPREP.ZIP 2,016 11-14-92 BAT file for preparing to install mods, by Mark Clement


The following info was posted a few years ago on America-On-Line by "LizN1" from LucasArts, along with the upgrade patch for SWOTL version 2.1:
Hi all! 
First off, I'd like to apologize once again for all the confusion surrounding this issue.  The good news is, I've finally got the straight scoop!  All the details will follow, but here's the short version: If you have the P-80 expansion disk, you do not need this upgrade.  If you have the P-38 disk, carefully check the information below, to see if it is to your benefit to upgrade. If you have no expansion disks, it would be to your benefit to upgrade.  You can download the upgrade from here, or send us your disks for exchange.
- Modifications made to allow addition of 4 new planes.
- Scores between 32768 and 65535 will now be displayed properly instead of as negative numbers.  Reminder:  max score is 65535.
- With this version, after deleting PUSA.TOP and PGER.TOP (high score files) top ten lists should display properly.
- Joystick drift greatly reduced and eliminated on most machines.
- The 'G' key which swaps the function of the two controller buttons between firing machine guns and cannons now works.
- To duplicate the function of the CTRL key (which didn't work on some machines), the comma key (',') will now also fire the second guns.
- Flak functions more accurately, no longer fires at you from long range or from captured installations.
- In tours of duty, the player no longer starts mission from or returns to an airfield on the opposing side.
- Replay synch problems have been reduced.
- Awarding of Bonus score for completing mission was adjusted.
CHANGES FOUND IN VERSION 2.1 (P-80, German expansion disks, and upgrade here)
- P-38 speed problem fixed.
- Menu selection system improved to avoid problems with multiple expansion disks.
- EGA Map bug fixed (this was fixed before, but reappeared in version 2.0).
- P-38 no longer turns into B-17 on 9th or 10th tour, as happened to some people.
- Joystick routine further adjusted.
As you can see, the changes between versions 2.0 and 2.1 are minor.  If you have the P-38 disk, and you've already downloaded the speed fix, you're not using EGA graphics, and you've never had problems with P-38s turning into B-17s or joystick drift, you may not want to upgrade at this point. It's completely your choice. If you choose to download the upgrade kit from the library here, PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE "READ ME" FILE CAREFULLY.


These files, when installed after the corresponding Mod (Module) is installed, act as "patches" to allow the Mod to be used with the version of SWOTL included in Air Combat Classics (v2.2). If you are not using version 2.2 (ACC) you should not be using these patches. If, however, you have version 2.1, and wish to upgrade so that SWOTL will run better on a machine faster than a 386 (see info on Pentiums in the SWOTL FAQ), you may use the ACCSWOTL file to do so. Likewise, you may "upgrade" Battle Hawks 1942 and/or Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain to the ACC version with the BOB-BH_U file.
NOTE: I strongly recommend backing up your copy of SWOTL before trying an "upgrade"!!
Name Size Date Description 
ACC-1940.ZIP 83,526 01-18-95 Patch for SW1940 Module
ACC-1946.ZIP 137,711 01-18-95 Patch for SW1946 Module
ACC-AFRK.ZIP 116,054 01-18-95 Patch for Afrika Module
ACC-JET.ZIP 105,082 01-18-95 Patch for JSWOTL Module
ACC-NITE.ZIP 116,015 01-18-95 Patch for SWOTN Module
ACC-PACF.ZIP 144,744 01-18-95 Patch for incomplete SWOTPacific module
ACC-RUSS.ZIP 116,910 01-18-95 Patch for Russia Module
ACC-USA.ZIP 115,999 01-18-95 Patch for SWUSA2 Module
ACCSWOTL.ZIP 221,135 07-21-93 "Upgrade" SWOTL version 2.1 to 2.2
BOB-BH_U.ZIP 191,636 11-06-93 "Upgrade" BH1942 & TFH:BOB to ACC version
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