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SWOTL (Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe) and TFH:BOB (Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain) are WWII era flight sims published by LucasArts Entertainment Company. This site is maintained by Richard Muth as a service to SWOTL fans all over the world. This site is in no way connected with or endorsed by LucasArts Entertainment.

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Last [UPDATED] on 4 February 2007
This site has been open over ten years, since 18 January 1997.

Having trouble running SWOTL in a modern computer or under MSWindows?

Try DOSBox, or  Abandon Loader (or here, thanks to Remi), and/or VDMsound

Thanks to Keith Heitman, and others, for these tips!

Did you long for SWOTL II ?
LucasArts heard us and Larry is Holland wrote it.
It's called "Secret Weapons over Normandy," but it just isn't quite SWOTL II...
Check here for more information.

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What you'll find here: (Click on the picture to move to the associated page.)

[FAQ] SWOTL FAQ. This HTML file has answers to many of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get about SWOTL. If you have a question, check here first!! Along with the companion "Secrets and Hints" and "Scoring Info" pages, this is an evolving resource. Check back to see more developments!
Attention SWOTL CD-ROM users! There is quite a bit of info about dealing with the troublesome CD-ROM version in the SWOTL CD FAQ
[Utils] Utilities, and other miscellaneous SWOTL related files. Check out these wonderful tools for use with SWOTL and TFH:BOB. I bet some are just what you've been wishing for!  NEW: The Pilot's Edge available for FREE!
[Planes] Custom Aircraft which have been "Hex Edited" from those included with the game to create other historical and non-historical planes for use with SWOTL. There are close to 300 of these, including the ones in the various Mods. More info about working with these files can be found in the SWOTL FAQ.
[Missions] Custom Missions created by numerous SWOTL and TFH:BOB fans. If you're getting a little bored, try out some of these missions! There are some real challenges (ever tried "Whoa Baby"?) as well as many historically researched missions. Some tips on writing your own missions can be found in the "Secrets and Hints" page. 
[Mods] Mods which are Modules or Modifications. Mods were created by dedicated SWOTL flyers who edited some of the original game files and added several custom missions in order to make new theaters of operation, or new stories. (The most famous, and innovative, of these is "Lucky Strikes", by Anthony Shimizu.) All of the mods include historically researched aircraft (some not found on the Aircraft Page!), and many include missions which are historically researched as well. Each opens new possibilities for an "old" game, and adds hours of enjoyment. They are well worth the download.
[Patch] Patches and "upgrades" allow you to use the above Mods with the Air Combat Classics version of SWOTL (v2.2). There are also "upgrades"to SWOTL version 2.1, as well as for the ACC version of SWOTL, Battle Hawks 1942 and TFH:BOB.

Comments about the site should be addressed to Richard Muth   I will also do my best to answer questions regarding SWOTL. If you are an old "SWOTL Group member", or another fan I have had the privilege to converse with in the past, please drop me a note to say hello!

Questions regarding the use of a specific file found here should first be addressed to the author (assuming that you can't find an answer here.) You may often find an E-mail address for the author in one of the text files included in the archive. There are also some E-mailed links for a few at this site! NOTE: Be sure that your correct return E-mail address is included in your posting if you want a reply (some people prefer to use "anti-spam addresses" as their return address.)

The files posted on this site were compressed with PKZIP version 2.04g so a compatible unzipping program should be utilized. For DOS users, I recommend PKUNZIP, and for Windows users, my preference is WINZIP. All the files have all been scanned with several of the top antivirus programs prior to uploading. To the best of my knowledge, no viruses have ever been associated with any of these files. As for the names listed here. Please note that I have tried to maintain the author's original file name as much as possible. Changes were made only when a conflict arose with another file, or with the "valid characters" that can be used under UNIX. Some sets originally distributed in 2 parts have been combined.

As far as I have been able to determine, this is the most complete set of current files for use with SWOTL in any single location. I have only found a few other sites on the World Wide Web with even a handful of SWOTL files. There are over 11 MB of files available for download on this site. And more are being added as SWOTL fans from all over the world contribute them. 

Where to get a copy of SWOTL:
The latest version of SWOTL is contained in the Air Combat Classics set listed above. This is an "updated" (in 1993 for faster CPUs) set of ALL 3 of their fine WWII combat flight sims on floppy disk. The cost is $19.95 (plus shipping). Air Combat Classics (item number: IBM# 01-015) can be ordered direct from LA by calling 1-888-LEC-GAMES (1-888-532-4263) or by visiting The Company Store at LucasArts' Web site. For those of you outside the US and Canada, Lucas Arts has a web page listing their International Contacts. Be sure to ask for Air Combat Classics, not just for SWOTL!!  NOTE: I am told that LA no longer sells any version of SWOTL, including ACC.
Older copies of games may often be found on various Internet "Auction sites" (such as eBay.com) and other software clearing sites. Another good way to obtain a "used" copy of SWOTL is to post a message in one of the various internet News Groups such as comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.flight-sim or rec.aviation.simulators.
Try the original SWOTL demo

A Word About Compatibility and SWOTL Versions
There are a few versions of SWOTL out there. The 3 main versions being the "original" floppy disk based set that evolved up to version 2.1 when the final 3 "add-on" plane disks were released by LucasArts (LA). There is also the infamous CD-ROM version (v2.2) produced under license by "The Software Toolworks" (now "Mindscape.") This set is a modified form of version 2.1 and includes all 4 of the "add-on" planes from LA (and is notorious for problems.) Finally, there is the Air Combat Classics set which includes an upgraded SWOTL version 2.2 (for 486 class processors) and all the "add-on" planes from LA. The ACC set also includes Battle Hawks 1942 and Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain along with its add-on set called "Their Finest Missions." This set comes on floppy disks only. (More info about it can be found in the Air Combat Classics section of the SWOTL FAQ.) SWOTL players who live outside the US may have even another version! I don't know much about it, nor where to find a copy in Europe, or... If you want to send me some more info I'd be happy to post it for others here.
Some custom missions and custom aircraft may require you to have one or more of the "official" add-on disks from LA so that they can use aircraft files not included with SWOTL originally. (See the SWOTL FAQ for information on working around this.) If you have ACC this should not be an issue. CD-ROM users should refer to the CD FAQ. Most of the Mods were created with version 2.1 of SWOTL, and will not run with any other version. You may also upgrade to version 2.1 with the SWUPG file. If you have the ACC set you will need the updated "patch" files for each of the mods you use.
If you wonder about "upgrading" your version for use with these mods, see the links above. If you are thinking about buying a "better version" of SWOTL (particularly if you own the troublesome CD-ROM) I highly recommend the Air Combat Classics disk set. (See ordering info below.) More information on all these versions, and working with them, can be found in the SWOTL FAQ. (You can check your version by pressing [Alt][V] during any mission and noting the message in the corner of your screen. NOTE: Both the CD version and the ACC version will both report "FINAL V2.2 05/18/92" -- but they are not the same. Oops...!)

Links to other Flight Sim and Aviation sites: (Last updated 05-20-00)
The Imperial War Museum and the American Air Museum In Britain, are where I took most of the pictures you will see here. If you spend any time in England I recommend that you stop by!
Take a B-17 tour, look at the virtual B-17 web site (requires Shockwave Plug-in), or check out these other B-17 links
Several SWOTL fans have web sites worth a visit:

If you're looking for Flight Sims of all types you'll find a lot at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (that's the real name...) archive.

In case you're interested in more info about your SWOTL Web master, I have now put up my own "Personal" Web Page that tells a bit about me and also links to some of my other sites, photos and some Win9x Themes that I have made. Drop by if you like.

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